Well Souled is an art book, a travel journal, and an exploration of style from the inside out.  

Well Souled Brasil is the second book in a collection which intertwines sophisticated visual presentation (the "well") with authentic storytelling (the "souled") to capture the beauty and pride of a country. Well Souled is fueled by a desire to know a country in a certain way - to connect to a country as you would to a friend.

well-souled_brasil-book comp.jpg

Well Souled is a journey that begins with a single thread and a simple question, "How do you define style?"

The answer to that question creates a personal connection, and each personal connection leads to another until intricately woven threads shape a journey that spans the social, cultural and geographic breadth of the country. From the capital to the beaches, the home of a designer to the heart of the Amazon, Well Souled Brasil layers narrative, imagery and bold design to capture the spirit of Brasil.