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March 29th, 2012

Mark is working on a book project that will feature his popular Backstage series — a study in motion and light (see the photos here). I’ve been helping him with his artist statement and thinking a lot about what fashion means, both as Mark sees it and as I see it, but also about how where our personal perspectives overlap and where they are different. I’ve found a lot of inspiring material this week while catching up on blogs and news, which is how I found this interview with Tavi Gevinson, high school student, editor in chief of Rookie Mag and blogger extraordinaire.

It feels strange to look to a teenager for the meaning of fashion, but Tavi seems to epitomize the exact intersection between fantasy and reality, which is precisely the moment Mark captures in his photographs and is beginning to explore in his writing; her explanation of looking at fashion week from a child’s perspective is spot-on.

Tavi says “Nothing is ever as good as the fantasy of it,” which I think is so true about one’s ideas about fashion and fashion week especially. Mark’s images really perpetuate the fantasy of fashion as a spectacle, which is part of what makes them so interesting. The idea of fashion as a catalyst for expressing a character or a facet of our internal selves is what can be so liberating about it, but the criticism we might face for outwardly expressing ourselves is often what keeps people from being as bold as they could be or want to be with clothes. See what Tavi has to say about fashion and characters here. (image from stylelikeu.com)

What is fashion to you? Where do you find inspiration?

— Casey

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