Mariana Ximenes, Actress

December 6th, 2012

Mariana is a popular Brazilian television and movie actress and gorgeous gal. Mark had the opportunity to shoot her during a recent promotional tour in Los Angeles. Here are a few shots from their fun shoot at her hotel. Enjoy!





Mike Del Ponte, Sparkseed

December 4th, 2012

Mike Del Ponte, center, was on his way to priesthood when he realized that the best way to create social change was through entrepreneurship, not volunteerism. So Mike founded Sparkseed, a non-profit that invests in young social entrepreneurs. In 2011 acquired Sparkseed to help provide even more support to the next generation of entrepreneurs and a greater impact on social entrepreneurship overall.

You can see his latest project, SOMA, on kickstarter HERE

International Photography Awards Winner!

November 30th, 2012

This update is a little delayed, but in new and exciting news Mark’s images won honorable mention in the following categories of the 2012 IPA contest — editorial: sports, fine art: nudes, advertising: fashion, fine art: abstract, portrait and advertising: fashion. Impressive!


The stars are shining bright at MLP!

November 28th, 2012

Mark has been directing up a storm for The Hollywood Reporter over the last year, including directing a series of roundtable videos featuring a who’s who of Hollywood Emmy and Oscar nominees — head over to The Hollywood Reporter video gallery to see the complete collection. Videos include: Drama Actors, Drama Actresses, Drama Showrunners, Oscar Actresses, Oscar Actors, Comedy Actors, Comedy Actresses, Comedy Showrunners and more.

Spencer Nikosey, KillSpencer

November 13th, 2012

Spencer Nikosey is an industrial designer and founder of Kill Spencer, a high-end sustainable men’s luggage and accessories company based in Los Angeles, CA. Each piece is 100% made in the USA and the products are designed and manufactured out of the company’s workshop in the Downtown Arts District.

Italy and Ibiza Snaps

September 5th, 2012

A little visual inspiration to get everyone through this overcast Wednesday… last month I was in Italy for a friend’s wedding and then traveled on to Ibiza for a little R&R. Here are some images from my trip. Enjoy!

Niko working in his family bakery

Lago Di Garda, Riva Del Garda, Italy

Lago Di Garda, Italy

Pacha nightclub in Ibiza, Spain

Pacha nightclub in Ibiza, Spain

The old city of Ibiza as seen entering the port

Ibiza from a distance at sunset

This month in Glamour…

August 23rd, 2012

Mark’s photos are all over the pages of the September issue of Glamour magazine. Here are a few highlights including the beauty and fashion openers and portraits of musician Sophie Auster enjoying her first fashion show ever — Chanel!

Cris Cyborg for TPM

August 15th, 2012

Mark shot Cris Cyborg a few weeks ago for the body issue of Brazilian magazine TPM. Cyborg is a Brazilian mixed martial artist and the former Strikeforce Women’s Featherweight Champion. Read more about her accomplishments on her website.


Sustainability in Photography II (Tips for shoot days)

August 5th, 2012

As an industry overall, photography and video productions do a horrible job of considering the environmental impact of our shoots. Let’s focus on how we can turn a standard shoot day into an environmentally friendly,  “carbon zero” shoot day.

1. Ditch the bottled water, juices and sodas – Use cups an coffee mugs that are not disposable, water filters and juices mixes that require less packaging. I purchased 40 reusable plastic cups made from recycled plastic at Whole Foods and own two Brita filters. We save hundreds of dollars a year on shoots we produce by not having to buy bottled water. And when the clients find out why they get a fluorescent green cup, we get extra kudos.

2. For coffee and during meal time, use non-disposable mugs, plates and silverware. Nice plates and cloth napkins are also a classy touch that save trees and reduce waste. Again, this is a huge cost savings and the organic cotton cloth napkins I purchased look far nicer to the art director then the 500 napkins for $3 option. If you must use disposable plates, use the compostable variety and take them to a municipal composter; locations can be found at

3. Use less paper – most of us do this already. Review documents onscreen instead of printing them out, send e-mails instead of paper letters, print on both sides of the page when appropriate and use misprints as notepaper. Software like Greenprint eliminates blank pages from documents before printing and can convert to PDF for paperless document sharing.

4. Use biodegradable soaps and cloth towels in the studio’s or location’s bathroom and kitchen. Use biodegradable cleaners or provide them for the custodial staff.

5. Use three trash bags to specify a location for waste — landfill, recycling, compost. A shoot of five people should have about one small bag of trash for landfill per week. Most items can be recycled, reused or composted!!

6. Plan ahead and use ground shipping instead of rush air shipping. This saves a ton of money too!

7. Carpool. Carpool. Carpool. This is especially true if productions are more than 15 miles from your town. Try or a similar website to help coordinate carpooling.

8. For emissions that you cannot avoid such as airplane travel, purchase Carbon Offsets. These are relatively cheap (far less than you catering will cost), and while not as good as not polluting in the first place, they are better than nothing. Native Energy is a well respected option.

It’s not always possible to make all of these changes happen on every shoot, but one or two changes are better than none.

Amanda Thomas, LuvAJ

August 3rd, 2012

Amanda Thomas, owner and designer of jewelry company LuvAJ, started her accessories line as an after-school hobby in high school. Fred Segal eventually picked up the entire line and at the tender age of 16 Amanda officially launched LuvAJ. The brand has gained quite a following and Amanda is working full time as designer of “badass bling,” graphic designer, art director, etc. etc. etc. for the company — this girl can do it all! Check out her awesome designs on her website, and see what inspires Amanda on her blog.

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